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11 Jul 2014

506 words


A eulogy for a friend.

26 Nov 2013

383 words

Astro Zombies

My third annual Halloween Misfits cover, along with some thoughts on nostalgia.

4 Jun 2013

164 words

The Sapphires

A formulaic but worthwhile musical crowd-pleaser from Australia.

24 Feb 2013

531 words


An unbelievable true story whose maddening dramatization renders it even less plausible.

13 Jan 2013

1458 words

A Dead Kennedys Primer

A playlist and introduction to the legendary Bay Area punk band.

2 Jan 2013

390 words

Best Films of 2012

The top seven films from my first full year of keeping a comprehensive film diary.

24 Dec 2012

501 words

The Loss of Matter

A rallying cry for our underserved senses.

22 Nov 2012

442 words

Obstruction by Design

We always talk about design getting out of the way, but does it ever make sense for design to get in the way?

05 Nov 2012

555 words


My second annual Halloween Misfits cover, including a treatise on what makes punk rock great.

22 Oct 2012

615 words

Paranormal Activity 3

The found footage franchise continues its race to the bottom.

19 Oct 2012

640 words

Inefficiency by Design

How my web site’s lack of a CMS has made me more prolific.

18 Oct 2012

542 words

The Innkeepers

The third Ti West film I’ve seen is the first I’ve enjoyed, and I enjoyed it very much.

15 Oct 2012

1523 words

Not of These Earths

Two generations of a sci-fi not-quite-classic.

02 Oct 2012

330 words

Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel

The story of Roger Corman, King of the B’s.

22 Sep 2012

976 words

A Guide to Unexpected Loss

What to expect from your first week without a father.

19 Sep 2012

490 words

Geico Geico Geico

Advertising’s grim hold on our digital economy.

15 Sep 2012

230 words

Sleepwalk With Me

Mike Birbiglia’s autobiographical opus makes the jump from stage to page to screen.

15 Sep 2012

1907 words

Rdio Reviews, Vol. 1

Collected music reviews I posted on Rdio during my first year as a member.

13 Sep 2012

246 words


Dining with famous women while I sleep.

12 Sep 2012

817 words

A Year of Rdio

Insights from my first year as a member of a music subscription service.

03 Sep 2012

218 words

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The first full-length cel-animated film earned its place in history.

27 Aug 2012

335 words


The audience-generated promise of Beck’s Song Reader.

08 Aug 2012

217 words

Hit So Hard

A sloppy documentary about former Hole drummer Patty Schemel.

20 Jul 2012

177 words

Cultural Cannibalism

Concerns about remix culture’s critical mass.

02 Jul 2012

160 words

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson: two dimensions, zero emotional resonance.

28 Jun 2012

466 words

US Air Guitar 2012: Washington, DC

When election year politics clash with competitive air guitar.

26 Jun 2012

376 words

US Air Guitar 2012: New York City

An epic night in one of US Air Guitar’s most competitive markets.

25 Jun 2012

352 words

US Air Guitar 2012: Boston

A four-time champ’s retirement ushers in a new era of air guitar in Boston.

22 Jun 2012

115 words

Slow Motion Spectacle

Progress takes time.

16 Jun 2012

99 words

Once Upon a Time in America

Sergio Leone’s epic, overrated mobster movie.

02 Jun 2012

134 words

Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

A vexingly voyeuristic documentary.

27 May 2012

202 words

Make It Bigger

A rich life can be a complicated one.

25 May 2012

134 words

The Fly

An icon of sci-fi/horror that doesn’t quite hold up.

29 Apr 2012

197 words

The Statue of Liberty

Ken Burns documentary that’s long on philosophy and short on facts.

17 Apr 2012

93 words

As Much Trouble As It’s Worth

A quick thought about design as sleight of hand.

24 Mar 2012

252 words

Self Aware Statistics

Questioning the value of personal data.

23 Mar 2012

107 words

Crips and Bloods: Made in America

The bloody history of LA’s two most notorious gangs.

09 Mar 2012

173 words

Just Like Being There

An energetic but uneven gig poster documentary.

21 Feb 2012

291 words

Calendar Living

The inner workings of my new time management system.

24 Jan 2012

96 words

Near and Far

Communication methods have changed, but the fundamentals remain the same.

21 Jan 2012

175 words

Refused Are Fucking Dead

An overtly melodramatic look at the short-lived Swedish hardcore band.

13 Jan 2012

157 words

Bobby Fischer Against the World

The rise and fall of America’s greatest chess champion.

06 Jan 2012

247 words

Life During Wartime

Todd Solondz’s Happiness sequel is surprisingly good.

01 Jan 2012

274 words

Bill Cunningham New York

An enigmatic portrait of a talented obsessive.

22 Dec 2011

237 words

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Less brains, more brawn, and a change of scenery.

11 Dec 2011

115 words

The Myth of the American Sleepover

A catatonic coming-of-age tale.

07 Dec 2011

208 words

The Undefeated

Sarah Palin’s propaganda picture is (surprise!) unwatchable.

29 Nov 2011

509 words

Art and Artifice

The why of art is more important than the how.

06 Nov 2011

268 words

The Trip

A sophisticated genre-bender from Michael Winterbottom.

06 Nov 2011

239 words

Red State

Kevin Smith’s flawed foray into genre filmmaking.

31 Oct 2011

208 words


Celebrating Halloween with my first Misfits cover.

28 Oct 2011

198 words

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

The bastard stepchild of John Carpenter’s Halloween franchise.

26 Oct 2011

614 words

First Responder

Under the hood of my first foray into responsive web design.

23 Oct 2011

229 words

The Crazies

George Romero’s early experiment in a post-zombie world.

21 Oct 2011

235 words

The Others

Nicole Kidman tries too hard in this derivative ghost story.

21 Oct 2011

425 words

A Plea for Civility

An open letter hoping to resolve a dreamed altercation.

19 Oct 2011

442 words

Hello Again

Catching up on three years of silence: what I’ve been doing, what I haven’t been doing, and why I’m glad to be writing again.

16 Oct 2011

368 words

Hostel Part II

Eli Roth’s second xenophobic gore-fest has some good ideas that don’t quite pan out.