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Writing: Me

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11 Jul 2014

506 words


A eulogy for a friend.

22 Sep 2012

976 words

A Guide to Unexpected Loss

What to expect from your first week without a father.

13 Sep 2012

246 words


Dining with famous women while I sleep.

27 May 2012

202 words

Make It Bigger

A rich life can be a complicated one.

21 Feb 2012

291 words

Calendar Living

The inner workings of my new time management system.

21 Oct 2011

425 words

A Plea for Civility

An open letter hoping to resolve a dreamed altercation.

19 Oct 2011

442 words

Hello Again

Catching up on three years of silence: what I’ve been doing, what I haven’t been doing, and why I’m glad to be writing again.